Once Upon a Time

When you live life noticing all of the love that is within and surrounding you, every day is Valentine’s Day.  Once upon a time, someone had the idea to assign it a date and bring attention to it by selling roses, dinners, confections and expectations, yet what it represents is far more rewarding and worth... Continue Reading →


People are aghast when they discover I left my comfortable job at age 55 to enter the state of retirement as our culture popularly defines it.  This for most is an illusion where one is looking for financial security until they die.  For me, leaving my job had less to do with dollars and more... Continue Reading →

Unspoken Words

I recently read a book that was dedicated to “the memory of my father for things left unsaid.”  I thought of my own father, passed away nearly forty years now.  He was here one day, gone the next and I never had the chance to tell him in life what he meant to me.  I... Continue Reading →

Capturing Life in 2019

“A lot of people know about my background, but very few know my story.” That quote from one of my newbie writer friends was casually stated, yet it struck me as so profound, that I made him repeat it. That is the case with so many of us; we long to express ourselves deeply and... Continue Reading →

Let There be Light

Tapping into my spiritual self to share with you because that is what I am feeling this evening.  With Thanksgiving in the past, I am cherishing the memory of a wonderful, small family/friend celebration complete with fireplace fire to kick high into gear with the magical holiday season.  Raised on Christmas, this former Catholic has... Continue Reading →

Blessings are for Sharing

Woohoo, Thanksgiving is here!  Thanksgiving is every day for me, but I love it when the rest of the U.S. plays along.  Most get excited about the travels home, turkey, pumpkin pie and gatherings.  The gifts we celebrate are togetherness and each other and that’s what I’m all about.   On the weekend before the actual... Continue Reading →

Farewell to the Rat Race

My last day of work was this past Thursday.  I came home and raised a glass to celebrate a career that has spanned three and a half decades.  I sat on my couch contemplating and enjoying the lingering scents of cologne and perfume, reminding me of all the farewell hugs I received.  It is refreshing... Continue Reading →

Bring Back Relationship Sustainability

In the past three weeks my children have broken up with their significant others. Their friends are doing this too, and the grapevine is strangling with stories of people leaving each other. Separating from your partner is going viral.   After making the decision to leave her fiancé and telling me of others in her circle... Continue Reading →

The Wonder of Listening/Observing

  Much has been said about our fight/flight response, hunter/gatherer days in primitive times. Yet I imagine there must’ve been hours back then between sabre tooth tiger attacks when our ancestors were just listening, observing and appreciating their surroundings. No one was talking because language had not yet been invented. By nature I am a... Continue Reading →

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